Understanding the Assessment

The Assessment comprises of  Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative ReasoningNon-Verbal Reasoning and English Comprehension. It is designed to assess student's ability to reason and manipulate numbers, figures and words. The set of four scores gives a profile showing each student's level of skills and understanding.
Analyses of areas of strength and weaknesses determines the content of the programme and strategies which would help a student to progress and pass the exam with the highest possible score.
The Assessment is available at various levels of difficulty aimed at students of appropriate ages between Year 4 and Year 6. The results of the assessment are discussed with parents and a written report is provided.
The Assessment Explained




The Verbal Reasoning section is designed to assess student’s vocabulary, ascertain logical thinking and an ability to understand and  determine relationships between words and verbal symbols. It consist of three main elements: ​verbal classification, sentence completion and verbal analogy



The Quantitative  Reasoning section is designed to test a student's ability to reason with numbers and quantitative symbols and assess an ability to understand and determine relationship between them. It consists of  three main elements: number analogies, number series and equation building.




The Non-Verbal Reasoning section does not involve words or numbers and is designed to analyse and assess student's spatial ability i.e. an ability to understand, manipulate and create shapes and images. It consists of main elements: figure classification, figure analogies and figure analysis.




The Comprehension section is designed to assess student's command of the English language and understanding of grammar, spelling and punctuation. It is also aimed at testing student's ability to decode words and noticing their effect on the reader.   

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