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Teaching Methods and

We provide a high degree of attention to individual differences and needs of  each student, recognise the uniqueness of each learner and provide tailor-made tutorial instructions which really make a difference. 

The teaching is based on using Metacognitive approach and is focused on teaching students how to learn, develop necessary skills and apply effective strategies and techniques in answering questions and solving problems similar to the ones in the past papers.

A unique programme is developed for each student, which covers all necessary aspects of 11+ exam requirements of the schools which are being targeted.

Assessments and 
Mock Tests

Unique programme content requires that students are tested and regularly assessed. Assessments occur before, during and at the end of mastering each concept.


Individualised instructions allow each student to progress through the programme at his or her own pace and designed according to how much each student understands and retains.

Parents are regularly updated on students' progress and offered an analyses on each assessment performance.

All courses include GL style and CEM Mock Exams.


Each individual programme is divided into four categories: Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning,  Verbal Reasoning and English Comprehension and Composition and contains all the topics and problem-solving activities of the relevant curriculum.  


In addition, in order to develop extra skills and boost confidence, understanding, speed and accuracy, elements of Kumon, Singapore Maths and Shanghai Maths are incorporated.


Regular tests and assessments are carried out in timed exam conditions. This helps students to ascertain their level of progress and develop time managements skills.    

Meta-Cognitive Approach

Meta-cognitive approach has a high learning impact as it teaches students to take greater responsibility for their learning and develop their understanding of what is required to succeed. As the result, students who use meta-cognitive method achieve much greater academic success and pass their exams with much higher marks.


It has been scientifically proven that students with the intent to deeply comprehend information tend to be a lot more successful in their academic performance. Learning how to learn is just as important as knowing what one knows.


In The News
Competition for Top Schools Fiercer Than Ever

"There are more grammar school places than there have been for decades – but competition for them remains maniacally fierce, says Graeme Paton.


Tens of thousands of pupils face missing out on their favoured secondary school after the most sought-after institutions were flooded with as many as 12 applications for each place.

The fact is, there is a finite number of school places and a seemingly infinite number of people who want to get in. The demand is grotesquely out of proportion to supply.”

The Telegraph

September 16, 2017

The Horror of 11-plus Exam Has to Change

'What if she doesn't get into A, surely we should have B on the list, and C is a great fall back, but then so-and-so said D was great for sport and E is known to be taking more candidates this year and wouldn't it be amazing if she gets into F... '

The Telegraph

January 24, 2017

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   My lessons were fun and very well planned. I nailed it and am very proud of myself. I  learned that children should not be scared  and always do their best. Thank you!

— Annika from Watford, Herts.

I had to work very hard and my tutor was strict,  but I knew that it was all worth the effort.  The exam did not seem difficult after all  the practice! I was a bit nervous, but confident at the same time.  Thanks to my teacher and my parents, I got a  place in a school where I really wanted to be! 

— Arjun from North West London.

 I had to do  a pre-test  on a computer at my school and was not sure what to expect. My tutor explained everything very clearly, so I was not scared of the word 'reasoning' any more. I got an offer from the school I applied for. Thank you!

— David from North West London

At the beginning, I was very worried and thought that I would never be able to do verbal reasoning. My tutor showed me how to solve problems and what to look for. There were so many people at the exam, but I managed to pass it and got in!

— Rosie from Bushey, Herts.

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